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Valif 20mg


Valif 20 is a treatment for impotence in men. The drug is produced by the famous Indian pharmaceutical company – Ajanta Pharma Limited – and is included in the Valif brand line. In addition to Valifa 20 mg, other vardenafil-based drugs in various dosages and release forms are included in the series.

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What is Valif 20?

Valif-20 from the Indian pharmaceutical company “Ajanta Pharma Ltd.” is an exact copy of Levitra, produced by a subsidiary of a pharmaceutical factory Bayer AG – German pharmacological company Bayer HealthCare AG. And also contains the active ingredient vardenafil. Levitra VALIF 20 mg is one of the latest new products for solving problems with erectile dysfunction. The drug VALIF 20 has the main active ingredient Vardenafil Monohydrate at a dosage of 20 mg, which tends to accumulate in the body due to which, after undergoing a course of treatment, the effect remains after its use for a long time. The main feature of it can be considered good results in diseases such as diabetes, as well as some patients use the drug to reduce pressure. A dosage of 20 mg is standard for the treatment and prevention of weak erections.

Levitra analogue is a generic Levitra 20 mg taken for erectile dysfunction in men, for pulmonary hypertension, as well as for weak or lethargic potency due to diabetes. Levitra generic manufacturer Ajanta Pharma (India).

Levitra is one of the most effective means for solving the problem of sexual dysfunction. In addition, this remedy has the least contraindications compared to other generics. There is no addiction to these pills even with their frequent use. Generic Levitra is assigned to men with mild erection. A feature of these pills is that they only enhance the natural mechanisms of erection, and are not stimulants per se. It is maximally effective only with natural sexual arousal.

Due to the effects of Levitra, erectile function is stimulated and preserved, which allows for full sexual intercourse. The active ingredient vardenafil directly affects the blood flow in the cavernous bodies of the male organ. After the end of intercourse, the action of the remedy weakens, although if necessary, and re-excitation begins to act with a new force. Generic Levitra is completely analogous to the original drug Vardenafil in its chemical and pharmacological properties, with the only difference being that it is an order of magnitude cheaper.

How does Valif 20 mg

In cases where the blood in the penis quickly drains from him or her inflow is very low, impotence or deterioration of erection may occur. It is with these reasons that the drug fights, because its main task is to restore normal erection during sexual arousal. The drug dilates the blood vessels of the penis, with which it increases blood circulation and normalizes its “hardening”.

When excited in the nerve endings of the penis, nitric oxide is released, which increases the level of cGMP, thereby creating the possibility of a significant increase in blood flow to the genitals. The condition of the vessels and arteries stabilizes, more blood flows in and grows in size by the male member. Vardenafil temporarily (for 10-12 hours) inhibits PDE-5, which destroys cGMP and complicates the onset of erection. During excitation, everything goes like clockwork and if you believe the reviews, you will be able 5-6 times a night.

The action of the tablet Valif 20 begins 15-20 minutes after administration. The active ingredient of the drug helps to relax smooth muscles and increase blood supply to the penis. The duration of an erection is about seven hours. Reception Valif 20 guarantees better sexual intercourse.

After taking the tablets Valif 20, they linger in the body for no more than 8 hours, after which they begin to be excreted naturally. In most cases, the body is well tolerated, without the manifestation of side effects. It can be taken along with alcohol and fatty foods.

The package contains 1 blister with 10 tablets. Take Valif 20 is recommended for half an hour before the alleged sexual intercourse, regardless of the meal. It should be noted that fatty foods do not affect the action of Valif 20. Generic is commercially available and is produced by Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma Limited.

Valif 20 mg is designed to enhance sexual desire, and not have a general stimulating effect. In the case of buying the original you expect significant overpayments. The cost of the drug is several times less, while the action is similar to the original Levitra


Undesirable effects when taking Valif 20 mg are possible: a headache is usually observed, which is caused by the release of nitric oxide and the expansion of cerebral vessels. In addition, dizziness, red spots on the face, swelling of the nose, dyspeptic symptoms, changes in the response to light stimuli, blood pressure lability, and tension in the back may appear on the background of taking Valif 20 (Valif 20 mg).

Before you buy tablets “Valif 20” (Valif 20 mg), it is better to consult with your doctor. This is especially the case if you have comorbidities of the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, liver. If the potency trouble is the only problem, then the use of the drug “Valif 20” (Valif 20 mg) can be started independently, following the above recommendations.

It should be drunk with caution to those who suffer from diseases of the cardiovascular system and liver. It is strictly prohibited the drug for the representatives of the weaker sex and all minors. In case of violations of the rules of reception and customer feedback Valif 20 mg can cause:

  • headache;
  • dizziness;
  • nausea;
  • skin reactions (redness);
  • rhinitis;
  • back pain.

The occurrence of side effects is possible only in case of exceeding the recommended dosage and at the same time taking Valif 20 tablets with other medications.


Valif at a dosage of 20 mg has the following advantages:

  • The balanced and safe structure, practically without causing side effects.
  • Affordable generic cost, unlike the original stimulants.
  • Guaranteed effect in the form of persistent erection and increased endurance in bed.
  • The ability to easily change poses during intercourse.
  • Lack of drug dependence.
  • The emergence of an erection only with sexual arousal.

Valif 20 instruction:

  • Active ingredient: vardenafil 20mg
  • Release form: blister 10 tablets
  • Action time: up to 6-7 hours
  • Reception: 20-40 minutes before sexual intercourse, regardless of the meal
  • Alcohol: small quantities
  • Recommended daily dose: no more than 1 tablet
  • Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma Limited

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