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Tadarise 20 mg


Tadarise 20 mg contains the active substance tadalafil, used in the treatment of sexual dysfunction and allows you to have an active sex life for almost any man. The effect of Tadarise 20 mg lasts up to 36 hours, which is much longer than most other drugs. For this reason, Tadarise is often called a “pill for the weekend.” Due to its long-lasting effect, Tadarise 20 mg has become one of the most popular anti-impotence agents.

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Tadarise 20 mg – the classic generic Cialis

Each area has its own classic. In music, it is represented by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin; in literature – Dostoevsky, Dumas, Defoe; in sports – Jordan, Pele, Tyson. Is there a classic among drugs for the treatment of male impotence? Of course have. After all, you probably heard about the preparations of Viagra, Levitra and Cialis? They became so popular that even among their generics, classic drugs appeared. One of these classic generics we will now consider.

Why is Tadarais called?

Tadarise 20 mg is considered to be the most popular Cialis generic in history. As well as the basic prototype, it is based on Tadalafil – one of the best active substances for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The name Tadarise itself is an abbreviation formed from the words “Tadalafil” and “Sunrise” – the first part of the name of the drug manufacturer of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in India, Sunrise Remedies. It is worth noting immediately that such a renowned manufacturer is already a guarantee of high quality, but the drug itself also has something to brag about.

Who is recommended to take tadarise?

The medication is indicated in the presence of erectile dysfunctions, accompanied by a weak and short erection or its complete absence. The use of the drug helps to restore the natural processes of the occurrence of an erection, as well as normalize the natural sexual reactions.


  • Violation of the blood coagulation process.
  • Intolerance to tadalafil and / or auxiliary components of the drug.
  • Pathologies of the organs of vision (acquired or congenital).
  • Diseases of the digestive system.
  • Vascular disease.
  • Functional disorders of the urinary system and hematopoiesis.
  • Pathologies of the heart, which are in the acute stage of development.
  • Priapism (painful, pathological erection, the occurrence of which is not associated with sexual arousal).


Juvenile men, as well as women of any age, are strictly forbidden to take the drug. Older men and those who suffer from diabetes should use the medicine with great care and only according to the scheme developed by the attending physician.

Principle of operation

45 minutes after taking the drug, the main active substance of the drug Tadarayz enters the blood. According to the bloodstream, it is distributed throughout the body and begins to suppress special enzymes, which are mostly distributed in the genital area. The enzymes we are talking about are called PDE-5 and it is their vasoconstrictor activity that causes the absence of an erection in men. After their suppression, the vessels of the genital organs open wide, and a member filled with blood reports a pulsating erection.

We do not just Tadarise dilates the vessels of all genitals, not just the penis. It is thanks to this feature that the drug not only enhances an erection, but also enhances the pleasure of orgasm, since improved blood circulation makes the pubic-jumbo muscle contract harder and the prostate gland to produce more secretions.

What are its features?

The first and most important advantage of Tadaraiz is its working time. Taking just one tablet of this drug will give you erectile doping for up to 36 hours. This is an absolute record, since the generics of Viagra, Levitra and Stendra even taken together will not give such a duration – each of them works up to 6 hours maximum.

The second most important is the best indicator of all Tadalafil and Tadarise 20 mg in particular by the so-called therapeutic effect. This means that if you decide to buy Tadarise 20 mg and take it in a course for a certain amount of time, then after it your erection will become self-sufficient, that is, it will appear itself, without medical support. The third indicator by which the drug in question surpasses its competitors is the speed of action. Buy Tadarise 20 mg is worth it, if only because it is 15-30 minutes faster than Viagra and Levitra, and also almost inferior to Stendra.

Be careful when taking Tadarise!

Despite all the advantages, Tadarise 20 mg, like any medicine, has disadvantages in the form of contraindications and side effects. So before you buy Tadarise 20 mg, be sure to consult your urologist. You should also be careful when choosing a dosage. 20 mg of Tadaraiz are suitable only for experienced users of potency regulators or men whose weight exceeds 80 kg. If you do not belong to this category, it is better to start taking with 10 mg, and in cases with the initial stage of erectile dysfunction, in general, with 5 mg.

In addition to the above limitations, alcohol should not be abused when taking Tadalafil-based drugs. One glass of table wine is the maximum allowed. If you violate this requirement, as the level of alcohol in the blood increases, the risk of serious diseases associated with increased stress on the cardiovascular system will increase. The most common of these are heart attack and stroke. For the same reasons, the maximum daily dosage should not be exceeded.

Side effects

  • Dizziness.
  • Manifestations of an allergic nature (lacrimation and nasal congestion, itching and redness of the skin, sneezing, rash, dry cough).
  • Violation of blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Bouts of nausea.
  • Headache.
  • State of depression, apathy.
  • Internal alarm.
  • Violation of sleep / wakefulness.
  • Weakly expressed erection or its absence.

Interaction with other medicines, alcohol

Accepting tadarise, which you can buy on the website of our company, together with narcotic substances is strictly prohibited. This threatens not only a deterioration in well-being, but also the onset of serious negative consequences for health in general.

Alcohol-containing products in conjunction with the medication is undesirable, but it is possible on the condition that its quantity will be extremely limited. The fact is that the body can react to such a combination with a sharp decrease in blood pressure, which in itself is dangerous.

Do not use the drug with such medicines:

  • alpha adrenolytics;
  • medicines intended for the treatment of pulmonary thromboembolic hypertension;
  • drugs that promote the development of isoenzyme inhibition processes;
  • nitrous oxide donors;
  • nitrites;
  • organic nitrates;
  • HIV protease inhibitors.

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