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Super Vidalista

For modern men it is very important to maintain their masculine strength in tone regardless of age. Failure on the love front touches male ego and negatively affects the emotional state. And given the current pace of life, it’s not easy enough to improve sexual function. But the development of medicine does not stand still, and doctors have invented a unique tool to combat erectile dysfunction – Super Vidalista. This drug was created specifically for the treatment and prevention of problems with erection and premature ejaculation.

Double-acting drug Super Vidalista

Pill Super Vidalista – an innovative development that is gaining more and more adherents and has proven itself as a drug to enhance potency and prevent early ejaculation. The double action is due to the fact that the composition contains two active potent components. Reviews of Super Vidalista indicate that the tool is actively used by men of all ages as needed, and this makes it stand out from a large competitive mass of pharmaceuticals. Also, buying a Super Vidalista, it is easy to verify its effectiveness and safety for health. This can be attributed to the main advantages of the tool, which explains the reason for the growing popularity of Super Vidalista among the male population of different countries. Numerous reviews about Super Vidalista quite often describe the fact that the sensations of a man during the sexual act are different – the power and strength of the orgasm achieved are enhanced. Also, the components of the drug help to relieve psychological stress, relax and fully enjoy the full physical possession of your partner.

The composition and principle of action of the drug

Super Vidalista perfectly copes with two tasks – helps a man to achieve and maintain a sufficient erection of the penis, as well as significantly prolong sexual intercourse. Tadalafil in the composition of the agent acts on the vessels and provides for the process of activating blood circulation in the penis. Also thanks to this component, a man experiences a general surge of strength and energy. The action of the second active component of Dapoxetine significantly delays the onset of ejaculation. This is especially appreciated by those men who ejaculate literally within a minute or two after the start of sexual contact. In reviews of Super Vidalista, many couples noted that the duration of their sexual intercourse increased three to five times.

Features features Super Vidalista that you need to know

The main feature of the drug can be attributed to the fact that the time of effectiveness of each active substance is different – Tadalafil up to one and a half days, Dapoxetine – up to six hours.

Therefore, if there is a need to take a double-acting drug, but the difference between the time of action of the active substances is confusing or you want even a milder effect of Vardenafil (instead of Tadalafil), it is recommended to consider the Super Vilitra drug, which is produced by the same pharmaceutical company.

Order Super Vidalista can boldly and those who are planning healthy offspring, because the drug does not have any negative effect on the quality of sperm, the ability to conceive and the hormonal system of men. Therefore, the price of Super Vidalista, by the way, is quite affordable, it justifies itself.


Vidalista is a generic, which includes the following:

  • Tadalafil (main component).
  • Lactose.
  • Magnesium stearate and other auxiliary ingredients.

Super Vidalista is a safe medicine from an Indian pharmaceutical company that can be used by adult men on a regular basis. In the production of the Super Vidalista stimulator, qualitative and safe components were used in a certain ratio.

Start of action

Tablets Super Vidalista improve blood circulation in the pelvic area, which leads to a slight increase in pressure and dilation of blood vessels.

In the event of sexual arousal and attraction to a woman, the penis becomes tense and slightly increases in size, that is, a physiological erection process occurs.

The tool helps only with sexual stimulation and desire, otherwise erection does not occur. This avoids embarrassing situations: now you can have sex when you want it. Achieving maximum concentration in the body occurs 2 hours after consumption.

Time of action

  • One tablet of Super Vidalista with a dosage of 20 mg divided into two parts.
  • Drink the first half for half an hour before the alleged sex.
  • Action for 36 hours.
  • Wash down a tablet Super Vidalista plenty of clean water.
  • The maximum amount per day is 20 mg.
  • Enjoy long sex!

Reception with alcohol

Prohibited the simultaneous reception of alcoholic beverages, especially in large quantities.


Existing analogues:

  • Dapoxetine
  • Super vilitra
  • Super P-Force

You can choose the right stimulant yourself or by contacting us by phone at the top of the site, the doctor-operator will recommend several types of drugs and the optimal dosage.


You can buy this safe product, but the following restrictions should be considered when taking the drug:

  • Minor age.
  • Problems with the heart and blood vessels.
  • Severe diseases of the kidneys and liver.
  • Allergic reactions to components Super Vidalisty.
  • Simultaneous intake of drugs with nitrates and nitrogen oxide.
  • Older age men (over 70 years).

Super Vidalista has a slight relaxing effect, so after taking the pills it is not recommended to get behind the wheel of a car. When used, the Super Vidalista occasionally may have side effects in the form of dizziness, rashes on the skin, nausea and disorders of the digestive organs.


Why is it advantageous to buy Super Vidalista drug? Here are some of its benefits:

  • Guaranteed effect even with severe violations of erectile function.
  • Improving the sensitivity of the penis, which leads to a fundamentally new sensations during sex.
  • The minimum number of contraindications.
  • Lack of addiction to Super Vidalista.
  • Affordable price.
  • Rare occurrence of side effects.
  • A convenient form of taking Super Vidalista tablets.

Delivery options

Possible delivery options:

  • Mail of the Russian Federation 1st class (3-10 days) – 300 p.
  • EMC Mail (up to the door, 3-7 days) – 700 p.
  • CIS Post – 1100 p.
  • By courier in Moscow and St. Petersburg – 300 p.

The best choice

To buy cheap Super Vidalista is recommended in our online pharmacy, and here’s why:

  • Attractive prices for SuperVidalista.
  • Fast and inexpensive delivery.
  • Consultations competent experts in choosing the optimal dosage.
  • A wide range of products for your active sex life.
  • Reviews of practitioners about stimulants.
  • Individual approach to customers, taking into account your wishes.

Super Vidalista drug is an innovative tool that will allow you to forget about the problems in bed, become a confident and resilient man with a persistent erection.


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