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Modalert 200 MG


Modalert 200 – a means to improve memory, concentration and treatment of narcolepsy. The active ingredient is modafinil 200 mg. Manufacturer SUN Pharma (made in India).

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What is Modalert?

Modafinil belongs to the class of analeptics and is used as a highly effective therapy for drowsiness, improving tonus, and also in some countries where it is legal is used as a psychostimulant or sports supplement. Other names for this drug include Modalert, Provigil, Vigimax, Zalux, Alertek, and others. Most often, modafinil is used specifically for the treatment of drowsiness, provoked by changes in the rhythm of sleep (shifts shifts, apnea).

Active research is underway to expand the scope of this drug. Possible methods of using modafinil for the treatment of cocaine addiction, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, schizophrenia, and also for the improvement of mental activity after chemotherapy are considered. Several companies are also actively exploring the use of modafinil to accelerate weight loss.

Mechanism of action

Modafinil has a fairly wide metabolic pathway and numerous studies of the substance have not been able to reveal the exact pharmacodynamics, and therefore its mechanism of action remains not fully understood. Specifically, modafinil is a dopamine receptor blocker and increases histamine levels in the hypothalamus. Localization of monoamines in the striatum is also considered one of the effects of modafinil. In the course of a large number of studies on this drug, its effect on dopamine transporters was revealed, and therefore it is considered an appropriate blocker.

The drug is classified as an atypical DAT blocker that has a slightly different set of effects compared with other drugs of this class. For example, it can be used for active awakening and enhancing cognitive activity without having to compensate for this with a dream.

One of the differences between modafinil and other DAT blockers is the fact that the tyrosine hydroxylase blocker, which neutralizes dopamine, has almost no effect on the effects produced by modafinil (detected during animal studies). In general, the neurochemical effect of modafinil and its effect on different parts of the brain is somewhat different from the actions of typical psychostimulants and provide a reliable and repeatable positive effect on attention, learning ability and memory.


Modafinil is rapidly absorbed from the stomach, the peak plasma concentration is reached 2-3 hours after taking the drug. The half-life is about 12 hours. Metabolism occurs due to liver enzymes. About 18% of modafinil is excreted in the urine unchanged. Some people may have a longer half-life of the drug, reaching 15 hours or more. Such a duration can significantly complicate sleep at night.

Off label application

The inclusion of the drug in List II is associated with the widespread use of this substance for recreational purposes or as a stimulator of the central nervous system. It is widely used as doping in sports, to improve short-term memory and mental activity. In sports, modafinil is often used as a basis for the composition of pre-training supplements, the main purpose of which is to increase stamina and attention. The practice of narcology describes the use of modafinil to relieve withdrawal symptoms after taking drugs or alcohol. There are successful experimental data on weight loss in obese people, but such treatment cannot be recommended due to the already increased risk of hypertension in this category of people.



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