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Fliban 100 mg

Sex is of great importance in the life of every woman. Quality sex gives us the opportunity to get incomparable pleasure, relax and psychologically unload. But what about those to whom sex has ceased to bring joy and satisfaction? How do you feel welcome again and, most importantly, desire yourself? This will easily help the new drug based on Flibanserin – Fliban.


What is Fliban 100 mg?

Flibanserin is considered the first drug exclusively for women with a wide use. The main purpose – the treatment of girls with low desire for sex, asexuality, lack of arousal. Also, Fliban 100 is often prescribed if there is a chronic absence of orgasmic sensations, or if there are problems in achieving orgasm. The drug can hardly be positioned as a “female pathogen”, it rather acts as a drug that has an antidepressant effect and opens up a new group of medicines that eliminate asexual and frigid manifestations.

Fliban 100mg is a drug from the famous Indian pharmaceutical company Centurion Laboratories, designed to treat premenopause and decay in women’s libido. Modern components of tablets affect directly the brain of a woman, as if including excitation from the inside. The name Fliban is derived from the first part of its main active ingredient, Flibanserin.

Fliban – the generic Addyi – the first all-female generic drug. Designed to treat women with reduced burden to sex, asexuality, lack of desire. It is also prescribed for the chronic absence of orgasmic sensations or when there is a significant problem of achieving orgasms. Generic can no longer be called “female pathogen”, this medicine with anti-depressive effect, which probably opens up a completely new group of medicines for the treatment of frigidity and asexuality in the weaker sex.

When taking female Viagra Fliban, dopamine is released in the blood, and the level of estrogen and testosterone increases, which increases sexual activity and desire.

Under the action of the agent, blood circulation increases, in the female genital area, blood flow increases in the pelvic organs, with the result that the sensitive, nerve fibers that are located in the erogenous zones transmit impulses to the spinal cord and brain faster and more powerful. Manufacturers claim that regular intake helps to increase vaginal secretion, which allows to achieve a bright and powerful orgasm.

The proposed mechanism of drug action is associated with the Kinsey dual control model. Several sex steroids, neurotransmitters and hormones have an important stimulating or inhibitory effect on sexual responses. Among the mediators, the excitatory activity is mediated by the action of dopamine and noradrenaline, and the inhibitory activity is mediated by the action of serotonin. The balance between these systems is important for a healthy sexual response. By modulating these neurotransmitters in certain areas of the brain, Fliban, a 5-HT1A receptor agonist and 5-HT2A receptor antagonist, is able to restore the balance between these neurotransmitter systems.

Features of Fliban on the woman’s body

The base substance used in the production of the female pathogen is flibanserin, which activates the excitation process by acting on the brain centers. The formula of generic flibanserin completely copies the formula of the brand Addyi, which was first developed to eliminate female sexual coldness and unwillingness to engage in sexual intimacy with a partner. The drug effectively copes with the problem of lack of orgasms, helping the patient to return or even experience sexual pleasure for the first time.

An additional advantage of Fliban is the ability to eliminate the symptoms of depressive disorder, relieve nervous tension and fatigue. Taking fibanserin changes hormone levels, increasing the production of estrogen and testosterone, which are responsible for sexual desire.

The active ingredient activates the blood circulation process, due to which there is an intensive flow of blood to the pelvic organs and erogenous zones. Under the action of sexual petting and stimulation, it is possible to provide an effective response of the body, which is expressed in the appearance of a feeling of arousal and a desire to have sexual contact.

Pharmacists have managed to make a medicine that has a complex effect, including several mechanisms of body response to stimulation at once. Thanks to this, the woman was able to experience bright and multiple orgasms, manage her sex life and have fun.

Flibanserin – the time of action of the drug

In its composition Fliban has an active substance, which begins to perform basic functions 2 weeks after the start of the reception.

How does Fliban 100mg work?

Before you can buy Flibanserin, you need to understand how medicine works. It contains a substance called Flibanserin, which acts as an antagonist of serotonin receptors of groups 1A and 2A. Due to stimulation of receptors, the amount of dopamine and norepinephrine increases in the cerebral cortex, without which sexual desire is dulled. Since the active substance affects the brain, a signal about sexual desire is transmitted to the genitals and the woman begins to experience readiness for intimacy.

  • Before the start of sexual contact, the nipples harden and swell noticeably, the breast increases in size, it responds better to caress and touch.
  • The natural lubrication of the vagina is restored.
  • The pulse is increasing, the heartbeat is noticeably accelerated.
  • The blood gradually rushes to the face, the pupils become wider.

As a result, the woman feels relaxed and liberated. Orgasm is achieved many times faster. If you read the Flibanserin reviews, it becomes clear that some users experience it even more than once.

Side Effects and Cautions

Despite a lot of positive qualities of the drug, there are a number of side effects by type of weakness, nausea, drowsiness, insomnia. Those who take the drug often experience dizziness, headaches, migraines, dry mouth, hypertension, redness of certain body areas, loss of consciousness, and so on. In the case of the use of tablets with alcoholic beverages, the effect of side effects may increase.

There are a number of caveats. So, it is not recommended to use the drug for women in the position and during lactation, with personal intolerance to the active substance and to persons who have not reached the age of majority.

There is a contraindication for people with CNS pathology, with epileptic seizures, mental disorders, concussions. If diseases of the urogenital system are observed, the kidneys are inflamed, or malignant neoplasms are present, it is forbidden to use tablets.

Who should buy FLIBAN?

Viagra for women will be useful to many of the fair sex and not only those who are called frigid.
Consider ordering FLIBAN if one of the points below applies to you:

  • The proposal to have sex from your partner has become less likely to cause you delight
  • Decreased need for sex as before
  • It’s hard for you to relax and switch from daily chores to sex.
  • It’s harder for you to reach orgasm than before.
  • You do not have an orgasm at all
  • Decreased brightness of sexual sensations

Libido in women depends on many factors. The pills will not improve your husband and will not find you a lover. But female Viagra will help to get maximum pleasure from sex, which is in your life. Moreover, the price of FLIBAN is not more expensive than a tube of lipstick.


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