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Cenforce 100 mg


#1 Selling Medication as Generic Viagra. Cenforce is a sildenafil-based group of drugs made in India. Like the famous product from Pfizer, these drugs provide one of the most powerful erectile effects among all erectile stimulants.

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What is Cenforce 100 mg?

Cenforce 100 mg is an effective drug to support potency. Recommended for use in the treatment and prevention of sexual impotence.

  • Improves the blood circulation of the pelvic organs, thereby enhancing the sexual excitability of men.
  • Prevents the appearance of any disturbances in the erection, and helps to overcome the development of erectile dysfunction.
  • Great for supporting sexual tone in older men.
  • The effect of the application of Senfors appears after 45-50 minutes and lasts 6 hours.
  • It simplifies the formation of an erection during foreplay and can be used to combat the initial symptoms of impotence.

What is the difference between Cenforce tablets and Viagra?

Generic Senfors – a substitute for Viagra against its background, it is not a drug, but it has the same composition as it is. It differs only in a new name. The action is the same. The difference between him and Viagra is only in the generally affordable price.

When should you take Cenforce?

The use of Cenforce 100 is prescribed only to men in the treatment and prevention of sexual impotence. This drug helps to increase blood flow to the genitals, thereby significantly improving the sexual activity of men who move a little.

  • Helps men with low potency in diabetes.
  • Enhances sex drive after stressful situations, and overwork.
  • Prevents age-related decline in sexual activity.

It is successfully used to support sexual tone in men who abuse bad habits.

Use of Cenforce by age

  • from 18 to 25 years: Senfors tablets are allowed to be taken by men from 18 years old – at this age and up to 25 years old, this drug is required to be taken in the presence of any erectile dysfunction associated with stress and overwork. Tablets in this case are allowed to be taken no more than 4 times a month. Application must be agreed with the doctor.
  • after 30 years: for men aged 30 years and older, a generic is allowed to take up to 3 times a week. Application is carried out as necessary before sex, requires prior consultation with a doctor.
  • after 40 years: for men after 40 years, Senfors should be taken as a preventative measure to support potency. The optimal regimen is determined individually by the doctor. Typically, such tablets should be taken in accordance with sexual activity, not more than 4 times a week. Periodically required to take breaks.
  • after 50 years: from 50 to 65 years, the drug Senfors is recommended for use in the treatment and prevention of initial and chronic signs of impotence. It improves the quality of sexual life, and prevents the appearance of age-related problems in personal life. Great for stabilizing the elasticity of the penis during sex.
  • after 65 years: at this age, you can take such drugs only under the supervision of a doctor. Self-medication is strictly prohibited.

The composition of the drug Cenforce

This drug contains sildenafil, the presence of this substance in the composition of a generic, explains its reliable action, and is very popular among men. Compared to the original Viagra, these pills do not make any difference. Accepted equally. They operate flawlessly. Differ only in affordable price.

Equally well increase potency in men of different ages.

What is the dosage of the tablets?

The dosage of these tablets is 100 mg of the active substance and is optimal for both single and regular use. Great for the treatment and prevention of problems in sexual relations against the background of psychological and physiological changes in health.

Does this drug have any benefits?

Senfors is successfully used in the treatment of initial and long-standing signs of sexual impotence. Prevents the appearance of obvious problems with an erection, and helps to quickly stabilize the blood supply to the penis.
Better than any other drugs helps men to relax, and overcome fear of sex after a bad experience in an intimate relationship.

Do Cenforce tablets have any flaws?

This drug is not allowed for use with alcohol. Sometimes causes dizziness. May cause short-term drowsiness. On the day of its use, drive strictly.

Instructions for use

Senfors tablets should be taken before sexual intercourse, not more than 1 time per day. The form of administration is oral. The drug is best taken on an empty stomach, along with water.
Before admission, you must undergo a preliminary consultation.

Why can’t I overeat on the day of taking Cenforce?

Fatty foods exacerbate the effects of this drug on potency. On the day of its use, you need to balance the diet – abandon meat.

The interaction of Cenforce tablets with alcohol
Without exception, all alcoholic beverages block the effect of these pills. On the day of their use, it is strictly

The interaction of Cenforce tablets with alcohol

Without exception, all alcoholic beverages block the effect of these pills. On the day of their use, it is strictly forbidden to drink alcohol.

How do Cenforce tablets work?

This drug has a tonic effect on the blood circulation of the genitals. Expanding the walls of blood vessels, it increases the flow of blood to the penis, thereby enhancing its sexual excitability.

Significantly simplifies the achievement of an erection during foreplay, and improves its elasticity during sex.

Reduces the release of PDE 5 after ejaculation, as a result, significantly accelerates the renewal of sexual energy before the next sexual intercourse.

How and when does an erection occur?

The effect of the use of the drug Senfors occurs not earlier than half an hour after taking the pill. For its full action requires additional stimulation of the penis.
An erection in this case appears naturally at approximately the 2nd minute of preludes, and maintains the highest possible stability during the entire sexual intercourse.

Reviews of men are extremely positive!

When is the action of this drug powerless?

Men who do not follow the recommendations for the use of these pills risk that they may simply not work. Usually this happens if they are used together with alcohol, when overeating, and a conscious reluctance to engage in preludes with a sexual partner. In the absence of sexual stimulation of the penis, an erection may not occur or may be too weak for a full sexual intercourse.

Do not neglect the doctor’s instructions. Before using this drug, carefully read its factory instructions.

Important: Cenforce tablets are not intended to prolong sexual intercourse!

Senfors tablets are not intended to delay ejaculation. If you experience difficulties associated with premature ejaculation, consult your doctor before using this medication.
Do not self-medicate. Under no circumstances should you take different drugs at the same time to improve sexual activity.

Cenforce Special Advice

Due to the fact that the active substance of these tablets can cause drowsiness, you can not drive the car for the first 6 hours after their use.

Cenforce cannot be taken with nitrates

The vast majority of all drugs with a pronounced physiotherapeutic effect contain nitrates. The combined use of such drugs with this drug is strictly prohibited.

Cenforce is forbidden to combine with other means to improve potency

It is advisable to discuss the application with your doctor.

Taking Cenforce with premature ejaculation medication

Allowed under the supervision of a physician. It requires a health examination, which determines the most suitable drug for delaying ejaculation.
The combined use of such drugs without the knowledge of a doctor is strictly prohibited. May cause malfunctions of the reproductive system.

Cenforce Pills Restrictions

Senfors tablets cannot be taken to men with hypersensitivity to Viagra. The likelihood of an allergy to them is determined by the doctor according to the results of the examination.

If you have never before encountered the effects of such drugs, in no case do not start an independent intake.
Follow all instructions in the factory instructions.
If you have any questions, call us on the hotline. We work every day, seven days a week.

Do these pills affect health?

With proper use, this drug cannot cause systemic addiction to the body and cause any other harm to human health. Any side effects associated with its overdose are short-term, do not cause serious consequences, and are easily tolerated at any age. At the first hint of their appearance, it is enough to immediately consult a doctor. For the future, temporarily minimize dosage.

Do these pills affect sexual activity outside of their action?

The effect of this drug is short-term – it lasts no longer than 6 hours, and does not affect further sexual activity, and therefore is allowed for free use as a preventive measure for all men after 40 years.

Cenforce 100 mg

  • In healthy men: healthy men after 40 years of age, this drug is recommended to be taken several times a month with the expectation of sex. Periodic use of this kind of pill will serve as an excellent method to increase potency. Prevents the appearance of age-related signs of impotence. A positive impact on the quality of intimate relationships.
  • In diabetes: the use of these pills is excellent for restoring potency in diabetes. It is carried out under the supervision of a doctor. Reception details are discussed individually.
  • In case of heart disease: before starting the use of this drug, men with poor heart health should make sure that there is no suspicion of a heart attack and stroke. Before use, you need to undergo a health examination.
  • For diseases of the stomach: before you start taking it, you should consult a doctor. Even with minor diseases of the internal organs, its use may be contraindicated.
  • For hypertension: Best avoided. In case of urgent need to discuss with your doctor.
  • In men who plan to conceive a child: The drug is completely harmless to the reproductive system. It can be taken at the time of conception.

Who is forbidden to use Cenforce tablets?

Women and underage guys.


Chronic diseases of the intestinal tract, gastric ulcer, cirrhosis, liver and kidney failure, all kinds of difficulties in the work of the heart and cardiovascular system, any suspicion of cancer.
Before taking it, it is recommended to undergo a health examination.

Why is an overdose of this drug unpleasant?

An overdose of this drug can cause minor difficulties in ejaculation, the latter accompanied by pain in retirement. In this case, a few drunk glasses of water will help get rid of the discomfort. Before the next use of the drug, its further dosage will need to be discussed with a doctor.

Side effects while taking

Dizziness, tearing, pain in the temples, and a feeling of apathy. Sometimes side effects are accompanied by nausea, runny nose, mild redness of the skin may appear on the hands and face.
If any of the above symptoms occur, consult your doctor!


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