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Aurogra 100 mg


Aurogra, a potency enhancer manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Aurochem, is a generic of the famous Viagra, but is significantly lower in cost. The main active ingredient of the drug Sildenafil for over 20 years has been successfully used to correct erectile disorders in men of different ages.

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An effective analogue of Viagra Aurogra-100

Modern pharmaceuticals can solve many complex problems, including those associated with the violation of male sexual function. Impotence can occur for various reasons, so it is important to have at hand a modern safe tool that is applicable to men of any age. Today, one of the most effective and popular remedies for the correction of erectile dysfunction is the analogue of Viagra Aurogra-100.

First, let’s explain what an analogue or generic is? It is a generic drug, precisely reproduced from the original, in which the patent for the active substance has expired. As a part of a generic, only excipients different from the original are possible.

The main advantage of such copies is their low cost. This is possible due to the fact that the manufacturer does not bear the costs of laboratory development and testing, does not pay for the license.

Aurogra is a high-quality affordable analogue of Viagra, the magical properties of which have long been known throughout the world. The effect of Aurogra-100 Viagra substitute is identical, because the drug has the same active components and dosage form, and has the same set of wonderful properties aimed at solving the problems of male potency. This is quite simple to verify by reading numerous reviews about the analogue of Viagra Aurogra-100.

Inexpensive Viagra substitute can be easily purchased through the online store. It is convenient, fast and there is no need to go to the clinic for a prescription. But to buy analogues of Viagra in a pharmacy today is not always possible. Although they already began to appear in ordinary pharmacies, their prices are far from affordable, and a service such as delivery is generally unlikely. Another argument to buy Aurogra-100 with the help of an online order is that the drug will be delivered as quickly as possible to any, the most remote point of the Russian Federation.

Also, order the Aurogra-100 in an online pharmacy can be the category of buyers who do not want to voice their delicate problems with strangers.

It should be noted that generics are therapeutically equivalent to their proprietary counterparts, which means that the effect on the body will be associated with the same benefits and risks.

General information on the use of the drug

Before you buy Aurogra 100 and start using it, it is important to carefully read the full version of the instructions for taking Sildenafil, as well as get preliminary medical advice. Only a specialist can evaluate the admissibility of taking drugs with Sildenafil based on the general health of the man and his hereditary predispositions. In some cases, an additional examination may be required, since any medicine has contraindications, side effects and is incompatible with a number of drugs.

Contraindications include:

  • the possibility of an allergic reaction to drugs
  • manifestation in the past of a long uncontrolled erection (up to several hours)
  • dehydration
  • active stage of gastric ulcer
  • recent myocardial infarction or stroke
  • uncontrolled blood pressure (hyper / hypotomy)
  • high probability of bleeding or circulatory system disorders
  • arrhythmia
  • angina pectoris
  • a number of oncological diseases
  • serious liver or kidney disease
  • retinitis pigmentosa and other eye diseases that can lead to vision loss

Buy Aurogra-100 and can be used by men of any age category upon reaching adulthood, but age 60 requires more caution and attention, since it is such patients who are more likely to experience side effects.

Possible side effects may include:

  • flushing and redness of the face
  • headache
  • pain in the abdomen, upset stomach, nausea
  • nasal congestion
  • photophobia
  • pressure change

Allergies in the form of edema, itching, or rash are extremely rare.

In case of dizziness, it is necessary to carefully and slowly get out of a sitting or lying position. In case of hearing or vision impairment, seek medical attention.

In reviews of the Aurogra 100, patients noted that, as a rule, an adverse reaction occurs if the recommended dosage is exceeded.

Before you buy Aurogra-100, you must consider drugs (including herbs and food additives), with which the drug is incompatible.

These tools include:

  • any drugs containing organic nitrates
  • some antiepileptic, antifungal and antiviral agents
  • anticoagulants
  • alpha blockers
  • other drugs for the treatment of erectile disorders

Drinking alcohol is not advisable. Aurogra-100 can be used both with or without food, however, ingestion of food, especially oily, can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.

Basic information about Aurogra-100

The full name of the drug is Aurogra-100 Sildenafil 100 mg. It is manufactured by the famous Indian pharmaceutical company Aurochem Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. The main active ingredient of the drug is sildenafil citrate. Its content in each tablet is one hundred milligrams. This dosage is standard for administration during the day. You can use the medicine both constantly and once, as necessary.

The tablet is taken orally as a whole, washed down with water, no later than 50-60 minutes before the planned sexual contact. The effect will last at least four to five hours.

It should be noted that the Aurogra-100 does not protect against diseases transmitted during sexual contact, and does not affect the duration of sex, but only provides a stable erection. One should not be afraid of the awkwardness associated with the occurrence of spontaneous erection – it will manifest itself only during preliminary stimulation of the penis.

The Aurogra-100 drug is safe for the male body – it does not affect the hormonal background and the ability to conceive healthy offspring.

The sale of Aurogra-100 by trusted suppliers will guarantee the high quality of the drug – after all, they carefully monitor the storage conditions and shelf life of the drugs, in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturers.

Aurogra-100 – a tool that will become for you a real lifesaver when necessary!


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