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Category: ED


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  • Aurogra 100 mg


    Aurogra, a potency enhancer manufactured by the Indian pharmaceutical company Aurochem, is a generic of the famous Viagra, but is significantly lower in cost. The main active ingredient of the drug Sildenafil for over 20 years has been successfully used to correct erectile disorders in men of different ages.

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  • Cenforce 100 mg


    #1 Selling Medication as Generic Viagra. Cenforce is a sildenafil-based group of drugs made in India. Like the famous product from Pfizer, these drugs provide one of the most powerful erectile effects among all erectile stimulants.

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  • Fildena 100 mg


    Fildena professional is a generic drug of the popular Viagra preparation (Pfizer company, USA). The main difference is the low cost of drugs that have become available to a wide range of consumers. The product is available in the form of a lozenges with a refreshing, mint flavor.

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  • Kamagra 100 mg


    The pharmacological agent Kamagra is specially designed to eliminate erectile dysfunctions and their formidable consequences in the form of impotence. The drug is a generic of the well-known trade name Viagra.

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  • Kamagra Oral jelly 100mg


    Kamagra Oral Jelly, which features proven effectiveness and a comfortable shape. The gel contains sildenafil in a concentration of 100 mg of the substance. The dosage is designed to eliminate erectile dysfunction with severe symptoms.

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  • Nizagara 100 mg


    The drug Nizagara is known as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. Nizagara 100mg has been demonstrating its performance and stability in this matter for five years, about 20 million Nizagara tablets sold during this period. The drug is effectively used by men in many countries, and as a rule, the drug makes patients using the drug self-confident in sex life.

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  • Penegra 100 mg


    The drug Penegra 100 is manufactured by Zydus Fortiza (India), a major manufacturer of potency improvers. The drug is available in the form of tablets; amount per pack – 4 pcs. The main active ingredient is sildenafil citrate at a dosage of 100 mg per tablet.

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  • Poxet 30 60 90 Mg

    POXET 90 mg is an effective prolongator that allows you to control the duration of sexual intercourse and ejaculation in men. Packet contains Dapoxetine Hydrochloride 90 mg. The manufacturer of the generic Sunrise Remedies (India). It does not matter if you have premature ejaculation congenital and acquired, the result is one: a dissatisfied sexual partner, disappointment in sex, avoidance of intimacy and a decrease in self-esteem. Tablets for the extension of sex – the solution to the problem in all these cases.

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  • Snovitra 20 mg

    Male tablets for potency are required to be present in the home first aid kit. From misfires with sexual function no one is immune. In order not to look ridiculous, it is better to take generic Levitra’s pill before meeting with your beloved partner. This will allow not to be afraid of lethargic or missing erection. After half an hour, the penis will be ready to satisfy and enjoy. Action Snovitry lasts more than 10 (up to 12) hours. This opens up unprecedented horizons for the lover of passionate sex.

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  • Super P Force

    Super P Force is a dual-action generic drug designed to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Effectively combats weak erections and premature ejaculation.

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  • Super Tadarise

    Super Tadarise is a combination drug for men that combines the potency regulator Tadalafil 20mg and the prolongation substance Dapoxetine 60mg. These components are individually the most popular drugs in their fields and have already managed to prove the effectiveness to millions of men.

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  • Super Vidalista

    For modern men it is very important to maintain their masculine strength in tone regardless of age. Failure on the love front touches male ego and negatively affects the emotional state. And given the current pace of life, it’s not easy enough to improve sexual function. But the development of medicine does not stand still, and doctors have invented a unique tool to combat erectile dysfunction – Super Vidalista. This drug was created specifically for the treatment and prevention of problems with erection and premature ejaculation.

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